‘Outdoor plantation’ shutters make perfect for Irish garden

The Irish garden is a hive of activity, and there’s plenty to keep a gardener busy.

But many people have found it hard to keep things neat and tidy, so why not create something that looks just like the outside of a window? 

The idea of a closed window is not new, and many are happy to indulge in their own form of window-making, using a piece of cardboard as a base for a closed frame, which can then be attached to a piece to create a more modern version. 

A closed window could be a great addition to your garden or garden shed, and with its ability to be covered, this might be a good way to keep pests at bay.

It’s all about keeping things tidy, of course, but with a little thought, a little creativity and some ingenuity, you could have something that you could hang from the wall or even hang yourself from, if you wished. 

But why not try something a little more traditional? 

If you’re not feeling particularly creative with your own window shuttering, you can always try hanging a pair of shutters that have been fitted with curtains. 

You’ll need to make sure they’re fitted properly, but once you’ve got your curtains down you can then add curtains, and voila!

You’ve got a simple, effective, and creative way to make your garden window shutter into a window for a garden shed.