I have the black exterior shutsters

I have had my windows replaced with black exterior locks for over a year now, and this is the second one I have gotten.

The first one is a cheap, cheap, ugly piece of plastic with an ugly hole in it.

It just doesn’t do anything.

The locks I had worked great for a while, but now I’ve gotten the same result again and again.

I went to a store with a black exterior lock, and I was told it was going to work.

A few weeks later, I went back and tried another store and they said they didn’t have any locks to replace.

Finally, I just picked one up.

It didn’t work, either.

They were using cheap, generic locks that didn’t do a whole lot.

So, I called the store I picked up the lock from, and it said it was made by the same company as the ones I bought the locks from.

And I got a phone call back telling me that the locks were defective.

They wouldn’t refund the money I spent on the locks, and they wouldn’t repair them either.

So it turns out that the only reason they would give me the money for the locks was because they could.

I was in complete shock.

I didn’t know if they had gotten rid of the locks because they weren’t working.

Or if they simply wouldn’t offer me the locks.

I thought this was crazy.

It was like the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of.

The store manager told me that if I didn.t come back the next day they would refund my money.

I told her that it didn’t make any sense to refund me, since I paid $300 for them to replace the locks that I had.

She said she would look into it and that it was her job to do that.

So I waited.

The next day, I came back and got the locks for free, but the next week the manager told them I didn’ t have to pay for them.

And so on.

The owner of the store was still denying that they had made the locks defective, and the manager still wasn’t letting me see the locks they were replacing.

Eventually, I decided to go to the store where they were making the locks to see if they would let me inspect the locks again.

And it was the same story again.

They refused.

I asked to speak with a sales rep who said he could look into the issue, but that it would cost him more than $500 to fix the defective locks.

So again, I waited another week and the next morning the manager said that they were just going to refund the $300.

I still couldn’t understand why they would do that, since the locks I bought worked perfectly.

So after two weeks, I finally called the owner and he said they would just refund the rest of the money.

The problem was that the store still didn’t let me see them.

They couldn’t give me a receipt for them, and then they wouldn’ t even give me their email address, which was what they told me they could provide me with.

I even called the website of the lock manufacturer and asked if I could send in a sample for them and get a receipt.

They said they were busy and wouldn’t be able to do it, so I just sent it in.

So that was a week and a half of waiting.

After two weeks of waiting, I still had no answer from the owner.

So the next time I came in, I didn”t have the money to get a refund.

I just walked in and asked him for my money back.

I’m a pretty hard worker and didn” t want to be rude, so after a bit of negotiation, he agreed to send me a check, but said he would send a receipt too.

So a week later, he sent me a bill for $1,700.

And now I can’t go back to a different store.

I have no other options.