Watch the Inside Story of the ‘Bahama Hurricane Shutters’ Lowes

Watch the inside story of the faux shutters Lowe’s dropped at the Home Depot in Georgia.

The faux shutter is made out of wood and has a fake “Bahamas” logo.

The company claims it will help save lives in Hurricane Irma.

The “Bahs” logo is fake because the name of the state was never used.

The fake shutters are made out to look like the real ones, but they look more like the wood shuttters.

The story has been posted on the Lowe’s website and on its YouTube channel.

It features a video from a Lowe’s worker who explains how to set the faux out for a quick install and then walks you through how to get the shutters onto your door.

The worker is explaining how to install the shuttings on the exterior and interior of the home.

The real shutters will be on the inside, but the inside will have fake shutters to help keep the house safe.