Larson shuttered, mobile home shuttered after mobile home explosion

Posted November 16, 2018 07:10:00 A mobile home operator has shuttered its business following an explosion on the property, which occurred in the Northern Territory.

The operator, Carson Shutters, said on its Facebook page that the explosion occurred during a maintenance check.

It said the facility was located in the North Queensland area.

The facility was also located on the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, which was heavily damaged by a massive coral bleaching event in 2015.

The owner of the mobile home said the cause of the explosion is under investigation.

The National Environment Agency has also closed its water quality monitoring sites.

The NSW Government has launched an investigation into the explosion.

More than 700 people were evacuated from the property in the area of the blaze, which has left the company with a $1.2 million bill.

The mobile home owner said the fire was contained and the company has not been told if any people will be affected.