‘Batten’ shutters at Walmart could be available for purchase online


— Lowes outdoor closers are now available at some of the country’s biggest retailers for the first time.

The retailers have been limited to stock at a limited number of locations in stores where they are open on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday to prevent the stores from being overrun by people.

But if you want to get a low-cost, no-frills shutters for your outdoor room, they are now on sale for just $5 at a variety of Lowes stores, including the discount chain’s flagship store in the U.S. Capital Region.

Lowe’s has a dozen locations in the region and they’re offering the shutters through its online store.

For now, you’ll have to shop for the shuters online, but the store is working to get them in stock online.

A spokesperson for Lowe’s said the company is working with Walmart to ensure that its online sales are as smooth as possible.

“We have some great deals on the outdoor shut-ins that are available in our online store,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“However, it’s always best to call ahead to make sure that your room is ready for the outdoor closings.

We are working closely with Walmart and are confident that our customers will have a great experience when they come to visit us at our new locations.”

In other Lowe’s outdoor deals, you can get the low-priced and no-fuss “Batten” shutters ($9.99), the no-cost low-end “Batt” shut-down shutters and a set of the high-end outdoor shuttered “Bentley” shuttered.

They’re also on sale at other retailers like Walgreens and Target.