Why is your roof leaking?

A new article from Hacker News, which has recently started a trend of using its front page to announce new articles and features, provides an interesting insight into the growing trend of home owners opting to keep their windows closed.

The article, entitled “Why is your Roof Leaking?” was written by the owner of a house in New York City and was accompanied by a video of the roof’s water damage.

According to the article, this leak was caused by the roof being exposed to water and that the water had taken over the roofing system, leading to the water entering the roof and spreading the roof damage.

While it’s not clear exactly what caused the leak, the homeowner was apparently able to get some insulation back in time to fix the leak.

The video also shows the homeowner taking a video tour of the damage and explaining how the leak was corrected.

Hacker News contributor “Kee” wrote that the homeowners “made it a point to keep all of their windows sealed, including the one that leaks.”

Kee wrote that he and his wife kept the windows closed to keep out the rain, but after the roof water damage, they decided to close them all down.

“Our roof’s been a nightmare,” Kee said in the video.

“We’re getting a lot of water in and out of the house, and we’ve got a lot to fix.”

HackerNews contributor “Barry” explained that while he doesn’t believe that all the windows in the house are leaking, he does think that there is a possibility that the roof is leaking.

The video shows a water-resistant roof panel being used to cover the leak and also the fact that the leak has taken over a section of the home’s roof.

While the video does not explain what exactly happened, Kee said that the damage to the roof was caused not by the leak itself, but rather by a faulty roof panel.

Hee also suggested that the homeowner could have replaced the faulty roof and then asked if the water could have been cleaned up.

Kee said that while his wife is a little skeptical about this particular theory, he thinks that the owner may have had a bad day and didn’t know what to do.

“I just hope it’s just a bad weekend, and they’re able to fix it and get it fixed,” Kee wrote.