Former Sydney cafe shuts its doors after police raid

The Cafe Nellie was shut down in February following an armed robbery, but the closure of the business has been announced.

It was the first closure of a cafe since the closure in March last year of a popular Sydney cafe called The Old Mill Cafe.

Cafe owner Stephen Crouch, who has worked at the cafe for over 20 years, said he was shocked by the news and said it had been a difficult decision to make.

“I’m really shocked by it, it’s been a very tough decision,” Mr Crouch said.

Mr Crouch has been working at The Old Wood Mill Cafe since the cafe opened in 2001.

He said it was a popular location with locals and tourists and that he was hoping to reopen.

However, the closure means he will be unable to continue working at the business, with no-one to hire, maintain and run the cafe.

The cafe closed after a security alarm was triggered by an attempted break-in.

When police arrived, they were told the cafe was being used as a “drug house” and that the lock had been broken.

Inside the cafe, a number of staff and customers were seen walking away with cash.

A police spokesman said the incident was not considered to be suspicious and the cafe would remain closed until further notice.

There is currently no indication when Cafe Nella will reopen.