How to get around the storm shuttered windows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s raining in the Disney resort. 

It’s a little late for dinner. 

And you know how it goes: you’re in the kitchen. 

You’re waiting for the pizza to come. 

The lights go out, and you’re stuck. 

So you turn to your phone and tap a few buttons, but then nothing happens.

You tap your phone again, and it just goes back to black. 

“I have no idea why I’m not getting texts or calling my friends,” says Jennifer Schmoll, a 24-year-old living in New York City. 

Schmoll has been texting her friend at Disney World for about 30 minutes. 

In the meantime, she’s been sleeping on the floor in her hotel room. 

She’s hoping to find a way to get to the resort before it closes.

“We have no way of getting in and out of the building, so we’re just waiting for it to shut down completely,” she says.

“It’s so annoying.”

In a statement, Disney says the park has no “operational restrictions” on using the resort’s resort-style dining room windows. 

As long as guests are using the building’s windows, they’re allowed to stay in the dining room, it says. 

Disney says guests should check in at their hotel before going to the dining rooms. 

If you do need to visit Disney World, there are plenty of hotels that offer the same service.

Here’s how to get your Disney resort-themed window shuttering fix:Step 1: Get a hotel roomReservations are free for hotels that use resort-styled window shuttles.

But if you want to keep your windows shut, you’ll need to book a room with a hotel reservation.

Step 2: Get to DisneyWorldStep 3: Get your Disney vacationReady to use the resort window shutter?

Here’s how.

First, find a hotel with a room reservation.

(Click here for more information on booking a room.)

Step 4: Enter the reservationStep 5: Check inStep 6: Open your Disney reservation to check-inYour hotel room reservation will allow you to reserve a room for your stay, which you can check-out and stay in once you’re there.

Theres a couple different ways to do this:Theres one for staying in one of the resorts rooms.

It will allow guests to stay for the night in the resort.

Or, you can use a room that you already booked.

You can either wait until the day you want your room to open up, or you can make your reservation right away.

Step 1 – Room reservationHow much can I save?

If you book your room for one night, you could save $10.

Theres a $5 fee for each additional night.

Step 3 – Open your reservationHow long can I stay in a room?

You can stay in your room until the end of your reservation.

Youll be charged $25 per night, but you can go for $5 more per night if you like.

Step 4 – Check-inStep 5 – Check outStep 6 – Check inYou can check in the hotel at the resort after you’ve booked your room.

Step 7 – CheckoutStep 8 – EatYour Disney vacation starts when you check-ins at the hotel.

You will be charged for the next three nights.

Step 9 – DineAt the resort, guests can dine at restaurants and other Disney properties.

But you can only dine in the restaurants and the restaurants can’t be reserved until you check out.

There are also restrictions on where you can eat in the park.

Step 10 – Book your reservationStep 11 – Check InAfter your room reservation has been checked-in, guests will have 24 hours to check in and then wait for the resort to open.

If you want a more flexible time frame, check-outs and reservations can be canceled, so guests have time to leave before the next room opens.

Once the hotel opens, youll be able to check out and stay for as long as you want, but if you need to check your room in before it does, you need a room change.

If you need help booking your Disney Vacation, check out the Disney Resort booking guide.