How Florida shuttered its own home during hurricane – Sunland

The Florida Keys, a major storm-ravaged coastal resort, shut down its home during Hurricane Irma and a hurricane shut down parts of the island on Tuesday.

The first signs of the end came when some residents began to lose power, leaving many stranded at their homes.

But many others were left to make their own plans, including a pair of small-scale solar panels and an electric wheelchair.

It was the first time Florida had shut down power in more than a year, and the first for residents of the Florida Keys.

“The hurricane shutts shut down all the main roads and roads that we use to get to work and school,” said one resident, who asked to remain anonymous because he was not allowed to leave his home.

He said he had a large solar panel, and could power up his house without a backup generator, which normally runs for days.

He is using the solar panel to heat water, but was concerned about running out of water, which is a major concern in the storm’s aftermath.

“If you go to the bathroom and you run out of that water, it’s not just going to kill you, it will take you out of the house,” he said.

But a local solar company has offered to take him to a nearby water tank and charge his electric wheelchair, which can be charged using solar panels.

A spokesperson for Sunland Power said the company is taking customers to water stations on the Keys for free.

But it did not offer any information on how many customers were taken to water.

In Florida, more than 2.8 million people are still without power, and another 2.3 million people remain without power in the state, which was hit hard by Irma.

The National Weather Service said Irma was predicted to be the strongest hurricane on record and could be the worst ever recorded.

In Puerto Rico, more people have been ordered to evacuate.

More than 200,000 people have lost power, the island’s governor said.

More to come.