How to close a Woods Point rolling shutter

Woods Points Rolling Shutters – A simple solution for a challenging closure of a wood plantation.

If you are not sure what to do, here is an article that will help you.


Remove the fence.2.

Open the gate and make sure you have all of the keys.3.

Open all the gates, including the gates closest to the road.4.

Check to make sure the gate to the farm is closed.5.

Take a look at the gate that the gate is in.

If it is closed, remove the gate, and take the keys from the gate.6.

Check that the gates are closed, too.7.

Open up the gate closest to you and remove the fence, as shown.

If the gate has been closed, it will be opened.8.

Open your garage door.9.

Open and close the gates.10.

Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby.11.

Check if you can open the garage door from the driveway.12.

Check the road for the gates that are closest to your farm.13.

Check on the road that leads to the wood farm.14.

Check for the gate on your driveway that is closest to Woods.15.

Take the keys out of the gate from the woods point of access.16.

Check again and make certain that the wood plantation is closed at the farm gate.17.

Check your driveway for any signs of movement.18.

If your driveway is closed and you have not found a sign of movement, then make sure that the farm gates are not closed and that the fire extinguishers are nearby.19.

If there are signs of a fire, get them extinguished.20.

If all else fails, call the county sheriff and the sheriff’s office will be notified.