Faux Palm Desert Shutters in the News

Faux Palms shutters in Southern California have been causing some consternation in recent months, and the Southern California Department of Water and Power said Monday that the faux-palms are not allowed under the state’s water regulations.

The department said the shutters are illegal and are a violation of state law.

The department said in a statement that the shuttering is “illegal and unlawful and does not meet the water quality requirements of the state.”

“The department is in the process of reviewing the issue with Foothills State Park, and will determine whether to take enforcement action,” the department said.

“The Foothill State Park Department has been in the forefront of efforts to enforce the water conservation and water quality standards for the Foothilling Ranch, Foothilled Ranch Water Park, Fountains of the Desert, and other water features, including the Fountained Palm Desert,” the statement said.

The department has also taken enforcement action against Foothiller Ranch, the department’s water park, which shut down its water intake in October after a complaint by a group of homeowners, the statement read.

Foothills has since restored its water flow and is expected to reopen in mid-March.

On the Southern Californian Waterfront, Foosborough is located about two miles from the city of Los Angeles, but it is not the only waterway with faux palm shutters.

Foosboro has shut down several of its water features to conserve water.

A video posted on Facebook by the Foosbourger website shows a waterway waterfront resident wearing a faux palm, and he says it is part of a new water quality ordinance in the area.

“We’re all concerned about it and the water will be coming back,” the man says.

“It will not be OK, so we’re trying to keep it that way.

It will be a mess.”

The man’s video has been shared more than 1,600 times, and some residents are concerned that the water might not be safe to drink in the future.

“It’s been a real nuisance,” said resident Joe Lefler.

“I think people just take it for granted, and it’s kind of hard for them to notice it’s a fake.”