Houston’s Red Shutters Play Again, Win Again, Again

The Houston Rockets are in the midst of a run to the NBA Finals and their red-themed shutters are making their way through the streets of the city, with fans going door-to-door to pay their respects to the Houston Rockets mascot.

As fans walk the streets in their red shutters and hats, they have their favorite chants to sing as the team’s mascot Red has been outfitted with a set of red, white and blue jerseys.

It’s a tribute to the historic and iconic Houston Rockets of the 1960s and ’70s and Red is a part of the tradition.

“This is the first time I’ve ever worn a jersey, I’m excited.

I’m really excited,” said Red, who was wearing a white jersey in front of the NRG Stadium during a recent visit to Houston.”

I think people are gonna be able to tell right away, it’s not just a Houston Rockets jersey, this is a real Houston Rockets uniform,” said Chris Hays, another fan who is wearing a red-colored jersey during the day.

Red’s name has been adopted by fans as a way to honor the city of Houston, which is home to the Rockets franchise.

The team plays their home games at NRG Park, which sits on the edge of downtown.

“It’s cool to have that opportunity to represent the city and the city has given me a lot of support in the past,” Red said.

As a way of honoring the team, fans have been turning to Red for support throughout the season.

“This is my second time wearing a Red jersey and I’m very thankful,” said Hays.

Fans are turning to the mascot for help with their home renovation projects.

Hays and Hays sister, Jessica, are trying to help the Red shutters in the Houston neighborhoods that they live in.

The couple said they are able to use the money they earn to pay for the renovations.

“When we got married, we were living in the suburbs and our kids needed a place to play,” Hays said.

“So when we had to buy the house and the remodeling, we just couldn’t go anywhere without paying for it ourselves.”

Hays said they started the Red-themed home improvement project and were able to buy a house that includes a kitchen and bathroom, and they are now hoping to turn that into a “real Houston Rockets” home.

“That’s a dream for me,” Hames said.

Hames and Red have been together for a long time, having been married for more than three years.

Hays has been working on the remodel project for two years and said it was a very stressful time for both Red and his sister.

“She really struggled with it.

It was just hard on us.

It really took us all by surprise and it’s definitely taken us by surprise for sure,” Hams said.

Red said he hopes to be able play in the NBA soon, but he knows he has to start a new chapter with his new teammates.

“I’m really proud of my teammates, the guys I have in my life, and I can’t wait to be back with them and hopefully make a difference for them,” Red told ESPN.

The Rockets are playing their first game in Houston since a win over the Orlando Magic on Feb. 19.