Which Home Depot shutters should you consider buying?

Home Depot’s home depot closed today.

It’s a sad day for everyone who worked hard for the brand and made it one of the best sellers on Amazon.

The online retailer announced on Tuesday that it would shutter its flagship store in Seattle, Washington, effective August 1.

Its Seattle store had been in operation since the 1990s and has sold more than 3.6 million items in the US, including furniture, electronics, kitchenware, clothing, home goods, and appliances.

While the store closed its doors, it is not entirely closed to all customers, including customers from Amazon Prime and Prime Day.

But Amazon will not be able to take any inventory from the store on July 10.

Amazon’s Seattle store closed in June, but the company is planning to open it up again in 2018.

In a blog post, Amazon wrote that it will continue to deliver products to its Seattle store, but it will “not be able provide any service” for customers who have purchased in the past.

The company is reportedly working on a new Seattle location, and its new online store has become the site of a series of protests by people upset with the closing of the Seattle store.

It will also be a place to buy items from local vendors, and there will be a new, “clean” shopping experience.

The closure of the store comes just a few months after Amazon announced plans to shut down its retail arm, the e-commerce giant said.

Last month, Amazon said it was closing a total of 3,600 stores across the country, including 3,500 in the United States.