Which of the two kitchen window shuters does your home have?

New Zealand’s state of emergency has shuttered many outdoor window shutings in recent years and there’s been some controversy over whether they’re safe.

The Garden City Farms house in Wellington has been the subject of complaints from neighbours and local media for years. 

A series of garden windows in the house were closed for repairs after the fire that destroyed it in February last year. 

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of indoor fire in the world and the Garden City Farmhouse in Wellington is one of a number of large, open-air farms in the country. 

The windows are only partly closed and have been kept shut since the fire, but some locals have questioned whether they are safe, the ABC reports.

“We’ve seen the windows go up and down quite a bit. 

People have said they’re not safe,” Nancy Dyer, who lives in the farmhouse, told the newspaper.

The garden door is still open.

Nancy’s husband Dave, who runs the farm, said that if the window had been fully open the fire would have been contained within minutes.

“It’s not a big fire, a small fire could have started a whole lot quicker,” he said.

“The windows will have to be completely closed for a while to keep the smoke out.”

The National Farmers Union said it was up to the Government to determine whether the window shuttering was safe, but that it was concerned about the safety of other people in the area.

Fire safety advice NRA spokesman Peter Dunne said it would be up to New Zealanders to decide whether the windows were safe and that some people would want to open them.

He said it’s not safe for people to use the windows for indoor purposes because of the risk of a fire.

“They need to be kept closed and locked up for a bit longer to allow the smoke to get out of the building,” Mr Dunne told the ABC.

It’s a matter for the Government and people in New Zealand.

“I think that’s up to people to decide what they want to do.” 

Some gardeners have complained that the windows are unsafe, and that the Government needs to get more involved in keeping them closed.