The best new barns in the country

The best farms in the US, and even the best barns, are disappearing.

So are the best, oldest barns that were built by the end of the 19th century.

The new trend is for older barns to be repurposed, or repurposing old barns for other uses.

Some of these newer barns are now home to a new generation of farm workers, and a few are also being transformed into luxury apartment buildings.

The old barn is a bit like a museum of history.

Its collection of barns and barns history is almost impossible to find, and you need to walk in and out to see it.

But in the meantime, you can learn a lot about the barns they were built for.

Here are some of the best new farmhouses in the United States.1.

The Farmhouse ShuttersLowes, CA—Built in 1901, the barn is home to about 100 people.

It has been converted into a small, private apartment building, with private balconies and a private patio.

The building has been fully renovated since 2018.

The owner, John and Laura Lowes, bought the barn in 2010, but in 2018 they moved to a newer, larger structure.

The renovations included new doors, a new bathroom, a bathtub and new furniture.

The Lowes’ two older barn barns have been converted for loft space and storage.

The family now has a 2,300 square-foot loft, which is perfect for storage.

There is a small shed on the first floor, and the rest of the space is occupied by a kitchenette.2.

The Old Barn At The FarmHouse, Texas—Located in the small town of Denton, Texas, the farmhouse is an open, four-bedroom home built in 1905.

It’s got a small courtyard and outdoor space, but it’s a very nice, old barn.

The barn has been remodeled several times, with new windows and a larger kitchenette, and an attached garage.

The interior is also a bit more modern, with newer, higher-end furnishings.

The farmhouse has a few features you’ll love.

Its an amazing view of the surrounding prairie and the surrounding area, and it has a nice fireplace and a big patio.3.

The New Barn At A FarmHouse Apartment Building, TexasThe old Barn at A Farmhouse Apartment building is the newest addition to this list.

Built in 2005, it’s one of the most beautiful new barn projects in the city of Dixie.

Designed by the Landry, Inc., a Dallas-based design firm, the new barn includes a new roof, a second-floor guest bathroom, and four separate levels of bedrooms.

The apartment building has an outdoor patio, and is currently being renovated.4.

The Modern Barn At Blue Barns, Iowa—Built for over 60 years, the Blue Barn is a one-story brick building built in 1901.

The exterior of the barn features a big outdoor deck, which sits on top of the building.

The original barn is currently in use, and its roof is now covered in new windows.5.

The Great Barn At M.E. Barn, Ohio—Built as a family barn in 1910, this is one of four large barns at the M. E. Barn that have been remodelled.

The four new barn additions are all new, and each of them is a beautiful, modern building.

All four are being renovated to look much like their predecessors.

The structure has a new kitchenette and a new barn, and all four new buildings feature a private outdoor patio.6.

The Pinnacle Barn at St. Charles Barn, New Jersey—Built on land once owned by the Sisters of Mercy, this barn was once home to many of the nuns who died in the Great Depression.

The former barn, with a courtyard, is now being renovated with new paint and a glass roof.

The renovation includes new windows, new doors and a small kitchenette on the third floor.7.

The Mill Barn At Mill Barn, Illinois—Built by the Mill Barn Corporation in 1907, this one-room barn has a roof garden that overlooks the Great River and the Riverfront Park.

The design for this barn is still in use.

It is one mile away from the current mill, but the building is now a luxury apartment building with an attached fitness center.8.

The Barn With A View at The Millhouse, Michigan—Located at the end the Grand River in the heart of the city, the Barn with a View is a converted barn that was built in 1894.

It was originally built as a mill barn, but was later used as a house.

The owners of the Barn, Joe and Helen Stiles, donated the barn to Michigan State University.

It now houses a large, open-air garden with a large outdoor deck and an enclosed porch.9.

The Bait Barn At the River