How the new blue shuttering system could change your commute

The first of two systems debuted on the TTC on Sunday, and while they’re still a work in progress, they’re designed to help curb peak-hour ridership by limiting the number of times vehicles have to stop and wait to get to a station.

The system uses mirrors that collect a charge that can be spent at a kiosk, and it can be turned on or off at any time.

It can be programmed to activate on any station, even one that has already opened, and then it can either be turned off or on again if it detects a vehicle approaching.

The system is set to go live later this week, and should be in place for at least another two months, TTC CEO Andy Byford said during the announcement.

The TTC estimates the new system will save up to 10 per cent of its operating costs, according to TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

“It will save the TTC an estimated $100 million a year, because it will be cheaper for the TTC to run on a certain number of hours of service,” he said.

Byford also announced that the TTC would add a new “blue-collar” station called the TTC Junction, which will serve riders who are not from Scarborough or Etobicoke, who typically drive north to downtown Toronto and then take a train to their jobs.

The new station will serve a broader demographic than the existing stations, said TTC spokesperson Sean Casey.

“This is not just for commuters who live north of the river, it’s for people who live downtown,” he told CBC News.

Casey also said the TTC has received requests from “some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto” for a new station to serve.

“They’re looking for something that’s accessible and they want to walk to work,” Casey said.

The TTC says the new stations are expected to have “zero” capacity, but there will be some limited use.

Casey said the system will allow for “unlimited” transfers to and from other stations, but it’s not yet clear how long the TTC will be able to operate it.

“We’ll be rolling out the system as soon as we can,” he added.