A look at the new and refurbished outdoor shutters in the city

NEW YORK — A couple of months ago, the new outdoor shutter designs at the New York City Department of Transportation were coming in.

Now they are here.

The design process started with an online survey and was followed up with meetings with city and state officials.

New York City is moving ahead with plans to upgrade its existing outdoor shuttles to reflect the city’s growing demand for indoor transportation.

City officials say the upgrades will be the first of their kind in the nation, and that it will be an opportunity to demonstrate the city is moving toward a new type of transit service.

“We want to be a part of a broader transition,” said City Transportation Commissioner Daniel Garvin.

For many New Yorkers, the outdoor shuttle is the ultimate way to get around the city.

When the outdoor doors are up, it’s almost like the city has a separate city.

It’s a nice change of pace.

There’s not many places that have a shuttle or a shuttle,” said Matt Brown, a transit advocate with the Transportation Alternatives Alliance.

And the plan is to use the new shuttled shuttling systems for a variety of purposes, including commuting.

A study is currently underway to look at how the shuttlers might be used to get people from the subway to their destinations.

This is an opportunity for the city to get a better idea of how well they’re functioning, said Garvin, who is overseeing the upgrades.

He says the city expects the new shelters will be ready in 2019.

With the city upgrading its existing shuttleys to accommodate the new design, the first phase of the project has been completed, according to Garvin and DOT Commissioner Mary Bassett.

DOT Commissioner Garvin said that this new design will be tested at two different locations in the next few weeks.

In addition to the new exterior shuttings, DOT plans to replace some existing shutters with newer designs.

The city plans to install a new “new” “blue” shuttley in one of the two locations, and a new, “orange” shutter in the other location.

One of the new blue shuttters will be mounted on a bicycle.

Other new shutters will have a bicycle mounted on top of them.

Officials say the new cycleway design will reduce congestion and provide more public access to the city center.

The other new design is a bicycle and a bike rack system.

It will provide more bike access and allow cyclists to easily get around in the area.

According to the DOT, this is the second phase of a two-phase program, which started in January.