‘I can’t get over how inexpensive this window shutter is’: Woman says she couldn’t afford it

Posted August 31, 2018 07:02:38 It’s been a long time coming, but now the New Jersey Department of Transportation is finally giving out window shuters that cost less than the one you would buy at the grocery store.

In a news release, NJDOT said the new $10.95 “Cheap Window Shutters” will come in a “low-cost package” for use on “a limited number of vehicle applications,” including emergency vehicles and vehicles in need of window replacement.

“The window shutings are designed for those vehicles that are out of gas, need a window replacement, or have a window that needs to be replaced,” the release reads.

“Each window is constructed from a lightweight composite material that will not rust or become damaged by weather or temperature extremes.”

It’s a bit hard to believe this is even an issue when you consider the window shuttering is actually the product of a new, environmentally friendly technology called photovoltaic (PV) solar cells.

PVs use a process that involves spraying a thin layer of photovolaic material onto the surface of the window, creating a “wall” that absorbs sunlight and then releases energy back to the surrounding environment.

This can help the energy-intensive process run at much lower temperatures than standard window shuttles.

While the window industry is rapidly transitioning to the new technology, there are still some concerns with using PV panels in the US.

“There are still many challenges with using these types of materials for window installations,” PVs are subject to, according to the PVs Association, which says the solar panels are “not environmentally friendly.”

The company that makes the PV panels is SunEdison, which is part of GE, so the fact that the company is part-owned by GE could mean they may be able to avoid any issues with using the materials.

PV manufacturers have also been lobbying against using the material in vehicles.

“In addition to the issues of using PVs in vehicles, PV solar panels may be subject to increased greenhouse gas emissions,” the PV Association said in a statement.

The company has also been working on a new design for the new “low cost” window shutts that is expected to be in the pipeline in 2018.

The new design, according the company, is “designed to be less prone to cracking and will not shatter in use.”

However, it’s unclear when the new design will be available, or if it will be affordable.

In the meantime, you can purchase window shut, which will come with an “Eco-Friendly” sticker for $10 or a “Low Cost” sticker that will cost you $10 per unit.

“These window shutting technologies can reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the energy required to operate the solar panel,” the company said.

“Our technology also offers the highest efficiency for low cost window replacement.”

If you need help figuring out how to get your windows repaired or if you want to replace them, check out this guide for window repair.