When the world goes to hell, how do you fix it?

A new report from the conservative think tank Heritage Action for America suggests that the world’s most vulnerable communities will suffer if the U.S. does not adopt “a strategy of robust defense and diplomacy,” and that this would likely lead to a nuclear-armed North Korea that can no longer defend itself.

“As a result, we may face the prospect of an inevitable nuclear war between the United States and North Korea,” Heritage Action president and CEO Tony Perkins said in a statement released Wednesday.

The report, “The Collapse of Global Security,” states that U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 “prohibits the transfer of nuclear weapons and missile technology by non-nuclear states, including China.”

The resolution states that the U,S.

and South Korea should jointly “develop the capability to defeat North Korea.”

“For this reason, the U!


should immediately suspend all nuclear weapons development and any further use of nuclear arms, including by North Korea, until a world free of nuclear war is established,” Perkins said.

In other words, the report states that a world where the U’s military and diplomats are unable to prevent nuclear war should be considered the ultimate solution.

“While this may seem like a simple request, it is important to realize that this solution requires a massive transformation of our world’s military structure, economy, and security architecture,” Perkins added.

“For decades, we have allowed our security structure to stagnate and fail to respond to the threat of nuclear terrorism and pandemic.

This collapse of global security is now the ultimate test of our ability to adapt and grow, as the threat to our world continues to grow and worsen.”

According to the report, the United Nations Security Council should work to create “a new architecture of shared security, one that reflects the common interest of all nations and which provides for the effective use of diplomacy and force to achieve peace, prosperity, and freedom.”

“The world is in a state of crisis, with a growing threat of international terrorism and the need for increased U.n. military capability,” the report continues.

“In order to secure peace, economic growth, and democracy, it behooves the United Nation to be a more effective force in international security and diplomacy.”

The report also urges the United Kingdom to end its role as the largest military spender in the world.

“This is a critical time to ensure the U in a position to make a positive contribution to global security, not only through its military but through the support of the European Union, the NATO alliance, and other regional and international organizations,” Perkins continued.

The Heritage Action report comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s announcement on Wednesday that the United states will no longer consider Iran a state sponsor of terrorism, and will instead pursue a policy of “reconciliation.”

The move came as part of a major shift in U.s. policy towards Iran that will likely lead the country to become the world leader in nuclear weapons, and potentially use them against the United State.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced a new policy that is likely to cause significant chaos and destabilize the region, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling the decision “historic.”

“Iran’s nuclear program has become a serious security threat, and it is imperative that we take a comprehensive, comprehensive approach that includes addressing all of its legitimate nuclear needs,” Tillerson said.

“We will be making decisions on Iran’s nuclear capability that will have consequences, and those consequences will affect our ability and the ability of our partners around the world to help our partners with Iran’s future nuclear capability.

The consequences of that decision will be felt across the region and across the world.”

The Heritage report calls on the Trump Administration to: “Acknowledge the threat posed by Iran’s proliferation and work to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon; Recognize the Iranian regime’s right to peaceful nuclear energy and its right to have access to peaceful energy supplies; Recognise the U.,S., and South Korean governments’ right to protect themselves and their people from any attack on their homeland; and End the arms race.”