How to save money on your holiday cottage shuttering with cottage shuttered venue grant

A cottage shut down for a weekend, a hotel or a holiday destination, can be a pretty good deal.

But when a cottage’s owner can’t pay the rent and no one is available to take over the property, it can be really difficult to find a replacement.

So it’s worth getting a cottage shutter grant.

This is a one-time grant that covers the cost of the shuttered cottage for a limited period of time, and can cover a lot of different things, such as moving the shutters into storage or repairing or refurbishing the cottage.

The grant is awarded by the NSW Rural and Local Government Agency, and it’s a simple $30 grant.

It applies once per year to a property on an empty land and can be applied at any time.

It’s also good to check that the owner of the cottage can afford the grant, and if there are other options available, you might want to consider it.

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