World Cup 2018: Winners, losers and the ‘most talented’ team

It was a day for celebration, with a new World Cup champion crowned, but for all the talk about the players, the truth was the greatest team of the tournament was the most talented.

The World Cup winners in Group A, led by the Netherlands and Argentina, were able to put their talents to the test with the greatest display of teamwork in the history of the game.

With just 12 players from the top 20, only one of them could score and one of the best dribblers in the tournament.

They all had an equal share of the ball and created the most chances for each other, with both the United States and Spain using their experience to dominate. 

It is the kind of game that only comes around every four years, so this time it was just a matter of time before the Netherlands, Argentina and the United Kingdom found themselves in the final of a World Cup in the best of times.

The Netherlands, who came to the tournament with a trophy in hand, looked the best team in the world in the opening group stage.

“We played great, but we didn’t perform at the same level as the Netherlands,” said Dutch coach Johan Cruyff.

The Dutch, led not only by former Dutch team-mate Robin van Persie, were unbeaten on their travels, but they also scored goals from every position. “

We had to work hard, but it was not easy, and I think it was a difficult task.”

The Dutch, led not only by former Dutch team-mate Robin van Persie, were unbeaten on their travels, but they also scored goals from every position. 

The Netherlands created their own goals with superb ball retention, with one of their key players, defender Van Der Hoorn, keeping the ball for his teammates and then dribbling it forward with ease. 

He had a hand in six of the goals scored by the hosts and he was also involved in the goalscorer�s and assists of two others. 

“I had the most of the chances,” said Van Der Roosens former Netherlands team-mates, who are now playing for other clubs.

“And I always managed to do my job well.

The ball went right to me.

I think I was in a good position.”

The best player in the World Cup is the goalkeeper, so he had the ball all the time, so I was very happy. 

There was a lot of communication and I always had a chance to put a goal past him, but he did a great job.

“The best players in the game had to fight for the ball. 

United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann admitted the Netherlands had the advantage, but said it was down to the goalkeeper. 

Klinsmann added: “We didn�ve played very well and we didn���t create enough chances.

We had the opportunity to put the ball on the floor. 

But it was up to Robin van der Roosen, who made a fantastic save and saved the game.” 

The Dutch dominated possession and controlled the game from set pieces, but were unable to break down the United Sates defence and eventually conceded the equaliser. 

That meant the Netherlands would need to play a better football to secure a spot in the next round, and they did. 

They dominated possession, created chances, and finished the game well. 

Netherlands defender Robin van den Berg said: “The Netherlands dominated the game, and had a lot more possession, but when they went down it was more of a defensive situation and they couldn�t break down any of the United State players. 

It was the best performance in the entire tournament.””

The Dutch have been fantastic and we are very happy with them.

It was the best performance in the entire tournament.”

We were in a great shape and we were very motivated, but then we conceded two goals to Belgium.

That is a big defeat. 

If we can stay positive and work hard it will be a really good result. 

A good result for the Netherlands in the last four of the World Cups will be great.” 

 The United States were eliminated in the quarter-finals with a 0-0 draw at home to Argentina. 

Brazilians will now face Mexico on Saturday in the semifinals. 

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