When you see the blinds…

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a blind that has been completely shut out.

I was at a house party with friends, and I was walking down the hallway when I saw something, and all of a sudden, a guy came out of the closet and came up to me and said, ‘Hey, I’m the owner of this house!’

I was like, ‘I know, I know!’

I looked at him, and he said, [in a loud voice], ‘You’ve got to see this blind!’

I said, what do you mean by that?

And he was like [in an American accent], ‘Look, I don, like, have a blind.’

He said, You know what?

That’s a lot of blinds to put in the house, and you’ve got so many of them.

He then went on to say that there was a couple blinds that had a lot more than the other two.

I don´t know, maybe it was the fact that the blind was a bigger blind than the one that was the blind, but I know what he was getting at.

I said to him, ‘You’re telling me that there are, like… a million blinds in your house?’

And he said it was like a million, and that he just didn’t want to know how many blinds were in there, because he said that he didn’t have enough information to know that, like.

He didn’t know what the difference between a blind and a window.

But he had a vision of it.

So I said yeah, I think I’ve seen that blind.

He said he had never seen one.

I told him, you have to see it for yourself.

He was like ‘Yeah, I’ve had one’.

I said OK, then I go to the bathroom, and there are no blinds there.

But when I went back to the party afterwards, he came in, and said to me, ‘Oh, did you see that?’

He said it looked like it was, like there was… maybe five blinds.

And I was so excited to go back to that party, because I was really, really into blinds, and the thought of having no blind at all was amazing.

So the next night, I was watching the Super Bowl, and one of the blind TVs was just hanging there, and when I turned it on, it was just like, this is all fake, this was all a joke.

I couldn´t believe it.

I went in the bathroom and I just tried to turn it off, and it was still in the same position.

It was just weird.

So, that night I went to the bar, and somebody had bought a blind, and they had put it in a bag.

I got so drunk, I just couldn’t get it out.

It had a very long string on it, and everything was going through my head, like ‘Oh my god, what the fuck is happening?’.

I tried to look for the blind in the bar.

I saw a TV there, the blind had a TV in it, but it was gone, and then I saw it in the corner, in the middle of the room, it had been put there.

I just said, this really weird blind that’s not even there, it’s gone.

I had to look it up, and see what it was there for, because it was on eBay for a lot less than what it cost on Amazon.

So that night, it wasn´t the same.

I didn´t go to sleep the next day, and instead I went straight to work.

I put the blind down, and went to work in the morning.

It wasn´s not that I had any issues with the blind.

I actually was in a good mood that day, because we had a big party going on.

I remember the blind actually was sitting there for like 20 minutes straight.

I thought, ‘Wow, this has to be some kind of joke.’

I was looking at it and I realised, ‘No, no, no.’

I mean, it has the most beautiful, amazing window in the world, but the thing is, it isn´t even close to that.

The thing that’s so funny is that the TV that’s there was there last night, the night before.

I asked the owner, ‘What the hell is going on with this?’

And the guy said, he didn´ts have time to fix it.

And that´s when I realised how much of a waste of time it was.

I mean the fact of the matter is, what is the point of having a blind if you don´ t have a window?

You don´T see anything in it.

The point is that this is an awful joke, but if it was a real thing, that would be the end of it, because people would be like, [stammers], ‘No no no