How to get rid of your closed door outdoor seating on your home tour

Inside a new home, you’re not sure how much room to put up your windows or shutters.

And that’s OK.

Here are 10 tips for maximizing your outdoor space.


Consider whether you can actually open your windows to the outdoors, too.

You may be able to open your window but not the door, but it’s not the same.

“If you can’t see outside the window, it’s going to be hard to do anything else,” says Jennifer Paz, a certified outdoor planner and designer who works in the design industry.

The window opens automatically for you when you close it.

Paz says, “That opens up all sorts of opportunities to make changes in your space.”


Open up a window when it’s empty.

Pazzi says, When you open the window in your living room or kitchen, you get a glimpse of the outside world.

“You can actually see a bit of what the outside is like,” she says.


Consider having your guests open their doors.

In the winter, Pazzis says, you might have a hard time letting guests inside.

“It’s really important that people are open and accessible to the outside,” she explains.


Set a timer for when you’re going to open.

When you’re about to close your windows, make sure to set the timer.

“That’s really a good way to keep the guests engaged,” Pazzs says.

She recommends using a timer like this: 15 minutes for your guests to open and close their doors, 20 minutes for you to close the door.


Have guests help with the setup.

If you’re planning to open up your home to guests, you should have someone ready to help.

Paza suggests having a guest who can set up a timer and take turns helping.

She says, You can then open and shut the doors to the guests as needed.


Make sure guests can see your property.

Pulsing with energy, you may want to put in a little extra effort to make sure guests see your house.


Check the neighbors.

If guests don’t live close by, it may be a good idea to check up on them to make certain they’re still happy to see you.

If they aren’t, they may be worried about their neighbors.

“Your neighbors are going to have to work hard to make you happy,” Paz recommends.


Make a plan.

Prazi recommends having a plan that includes how much space you plan to put down.

“When you do that, you can make sure it’s a great space for you and your guests,” she adds.


Use your outdoor spaces to show off your home.

Pizzi says that if you have a large outdoor space that’s close by and you want to show it off, you have to be creative.

“We can’t just have a big outdoor space and then just close it,” she recommends.

“Make it a real room and then open it to the whole house and you’re creating a big part of your living space.”

She says if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, make it feel like an outdoor room and have it look big.


Don’t forget your outdoor seating.

If your house is close by but not in a city, you could try using an outdoor seating area that is a bit farther from the house.

“Even if you are in a different neighborhood, you still want to have a place where people can come,” Pizzis says.