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  • How to make your home more livable with garden shutters

    I’m going to show you how to make the perfect garden shutter.You will want to install these shutters as soon as possible.You’ll also want to make sure you get a good deal on them.This is a big topic in our gardening community.I’m not going to get into the debate on whether or not a garden […]

  • When you open a garage door, you’re letting in dust, too

    By NICOLE GILLIAMBERG”You can see the house is on fire, but you can’t see the fire,” said David B. Johnson, a retired fire official who lives in the house where the alarm went off.Johnson was working in the yard of the home where he works.He said the alarm sounded after the garage door was opened, […]

  • When the world goes to hell, how do you fix it?

    A new report from the conservative think tank Heritage Action for America suggests that the world’s most vulnerable communities will suffer if the U.S. does not adopt “a strategy of robust defense and diplomacy,” and that this would likely lead to a nuclear-armed North Korea that can no longer defend itself.“As a result, we may […]

  • When is your window shutters closed?

    When is the best time to close your window shades?The answer depends on your window’s construction and style, and your preferences.Here are some questions to ask before deciding when to shut them: Is it best to close windows when you’re sleeping?If you want to keep your windows closed, you can use the curtains to help […]

  • When you can expect to get a wood shutter in the next year

    When you buy a wood-shutting shutter, you will likely receive one in the coming year.The first time a company has opened a new plant, it has to secure government support.The next time, it will be expected to have the same level of government support, but the plant’s first year may be a bit more difficult […]

  • How to install the Best Buy® shutters on a French home

    The French government has banned most outdoor advertising, but it’s possible to get some of the same benefits.Here are the BestBuy® shutter systems you need to get the best of both worlds.This is a new article, updated in 2019, which aims to help you understand what the French do and don’t allow and what you […]

  • How the new blue shuttering system could change your commute

    The first of two systems debuted on the TTC on Sunday, and while they’re still a work in progress, they’re designed to help curb peak-hour ridership by limiting the number of times vehicles have to stop and wait to get to a station.The system uses mirrors that collect a charge that can be spent at […]

  • When you’re ready to go: Where to shop for vinyl shutters and slides

    As we head into summer, many people are planning on spending some time in their favorite places.This week, we’re taking a look at the best locations to shop vinyl shutts and slides for your home, business, or office.When you get your new vinyl shutter or slide, we recommend that you spend some time researching the […]

  • How to fix lowes plantation bathroom shutters

    Lowes has made the first-ever Walmart store in Australia’s southern Highlands, and the company has been trying to convince people to take the initiative.Here’s shuters are now part of the lowes factory bathrooms, but they’re still pretty pricey and have been criticised for being a little bit too curtains are not available in […]

  • Why the world’s first blind-folded wooden house shuts down

    A house in rural Kenya has been shut down for weeks for violating an official policy against wearing blindfolds.The owner says he wants to raise awareness about the dangers of wearing the devices in Kenya.The Kenyan government has issued a new ban on the use of blindfoldings in homes.But many people in the country still […]