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  • When you need to shut down the grid, it’s time to get your shingles shutters on

    The American Wind Energy Association is urging lawmakers to approve legislation that would end a decades-old practice in California that allows owners to shut off wind turbines to reduce the risk of a solar storm.In a letter to members of the California legislature, the AA said the new rules, which were approved by the state’s […]

  • How to remove fake patio shutts

    A friend and I are both new to the patio industry and we love to help out our friends with patio shuttles.One day, I decided to create a DIY DIY DIY patio shutter, but the next day, the same friend who helped me with the shutters was like, “That looks great, but it’s not functional.”So […]

  • ‘The future of the season is uncertain’ as Roma move into third place

    The Giallorossi, who will be without midfielder Dani Alves for a month, will be under pressure to make an impact as they face off against a Juventus side who are currently second in Serie A.While the Rossoneri have lost two of their last four away games, they are currently three points clear at the top […]

  • How to get shutters shut in hurricane-weary Atlanta

    The shutters are up, and the black-and-white photos of the hurricane-shrouded walls and windows of the black plantation in the center of Atlanta’s East End have been taken down.The shuttered windows have been replaced with white ones, and there are no words to describe how much I love it.I love the way the white and […]

  • How to shut down your plant without killing it

    A plant that uses a lot of water to cool itself is not necessarily a good idea.So you might want to consider turning down the water and reducing your plant’s temperature to keep the humidity down.A plant like this one can be an indoor plant.It can take up to eight hours to grow and it […]

  • How to Get Away With Murder: The Truth About the Man in the Suit

    The hurricane shuttering of Miami’s Bahama Beach Hotel and Marina on Monday, which saw a massive surge in visitors and an increase in hotel rooms, is a reminder that we live in an age where technology and the internet are more ubiquitous than ever before, and we are far less likely to have to rely […]

  • Inside Lowes’ High-Tech, High-Cost Estate: ‘Everything Is Worth $50,000’

    The first time I went into Lowes in 2012, I was a teenager, so I was pretty nervous.But I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’m not ashamed of my mistakes.The place is like a miniature museum.I know what I saw, and what I didn’t see.I’m proud of everything.But the most important thing is that everyone […]

  • U.S. shuts down Syrian refugee program, denies entry to more than 5,000

    By KAREN J. BARKERAssociated PressPublished May 07, 2019 08:53:21The United States has announced it will temporarily suspend the entry of Syrian refugees into the country as President Donald Trump continues to assert his executive authority over the process.In a statement Thursday, the White House said it would “take appropriate actions to ensure that any Syrians […]