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  • How to get rustic window stools shutters shutters open and out

    The rustic wooden shutters that decorate the windows of many homes and businesses can be replaced with a simple metal shutters to keep them in good condition, but how long will it take?A new survey of homeowners across the country, by the firm Trustworthy Living, found that in many cases the new window shutter will […]

  • Why you should think about the rustic porch shutters

    The rustic rustic front porch shutter looks like a box with some wood shavings inside.It’s also a piece of furniture that looks like it was designed by a Victorian-era architect.That’s what some people think of when they think of the rustics porch shuttles.You may be thinking, “Well, if it’s this, why not make one yourself?”Well, […]

  • How to get a metal shutters to work in a Mastic shutter

    By putting a Maserati shutter under the seat, you can make a garage door look like it is made of metal.The first-of-its-kind installation by a professional locksmith has been a hit with garage owners across the country.“It’s really cool,” says John Fagan, owner of the locksmithing company Mastic in Portland, Oregon.“The way you lock the […]

  • When the rollers shut down, a new home for the Miami Dolphins

    A new home is on the way for the Dolphins.Miami announced Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement with the family of former NFL player and current Florida resident Brandon Thomas to build a $150 million domed football stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.The Miami Gardens Arena, as it’s been dubbed, will seat over 1,000 […]

  • How to install a black exterior shutter on your car

    Black exterior shuttering is an effective way to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your windows, doors, and windowsills, but it can also result in harsh and sometimes dangerous results.Read moreThe most obvious use for black shutters is to keep your windows and doors from looking like the ones in a dark movie, but the […]

  • How to fix a metal shuttered closet

    It’s a familiar story: a family finds a closet that has been metal shut.The solution?A metal shutter.But what is it, and what is the proper way to do it?This article will show you how to fix your metal shuttering.What is a metal closet?Metal shutters are designed to catch the air that gets sucked out of […]

  • The world’s first wooden shutters made from wood

    The world has long admired the wood shutters.But now, scientists have made a breakthrough.They’ve created wooden shutter that is made entirely from wood.The world first wooden lock made from only wood.And it’s made by a company in China.The project, which is a joint venture between China’s Nanjing University of Forestry and Engineering and the University […]

  • Why are wooden shutters in the UK a waste of money?

    When we bought our new home in 2010, the walls were thick and solid.Now we can’t afford them.I think this was because of the cost of the new furniture.It wasn’t a good investment, and we had to put up with the furniture being a pain in the ass and not being able to do our […]

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