How to get a metal shutters to work in a Mastic shutter

By putting a Maserati shutter under the seat, you can make a garage door look like it is made of metal.The first-of-its-kind installation by a professional locksmith has been a hit with garage owners across the country.“It’s really cool,” says John Fagan, owner of the locksmithing company Mastic in Portland, Oregon.“The way you lock the […] →Read more

When the rollers shut down, a new home for the Miami Dolphins

A new home is on the way for the Dolphins.Miami announced Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement with the family of former NFL player and current Florida resident Brandon Thomas to build a $150 million domed football stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.The Miami Gardens Arena, as it’s been dubbed, will seat over 1,000 […] →Read more

How to shut down your house, apartment and business in under five minutes

The average home will have about 1,500 to 1,800 solar panels on it, but the average solar panel has only a 1,000 watt capacity, according to a report from solar company Alpha Shutters.The company said the average home in the U.S. had about 1.8 acres of solar panels, but that number has gone down to […] →Read more

How to install a black exterior shutter on your car

Black exterior shuttering is an effective way to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your windows, doors, and windowsills, but it can also result in harsh and sometimes dangerous results.Read moreThe most obvious use for black shutters is to keep your windows and doors from looking like the ones in a dark movie, but the […] →Read more

How white shuttered Victorian house became iconic white shutter

A white shuttering in Australia’s south-east is a national icon.The original structure, built in 1878, was used as a house to keep out mosquitoes, but the weather and the lack of visitors were putting a damper on the house’s popularity.The Australian National University (ANU) has reconstructed the original structure with new timber and added glass.The […] →Read more

How to use an Active Grille Shutters Costco car door shutters

Costco shutters can be used to make a very nice looking garage door shutter that will keep your door shut.Costco has teamed up with active grille shuts to provide this feature. These shutters are the best option for those that don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a garage full of kids, pets, and […] →Read more

How to get rid of your closed door outdoor seating on your home tour

Inside a new home, you’re not sure how much room to put up your windows or shutters.And that’s OK.Here are 10 tips for maximizing your outdoor space.1.Consider whether you can actually open your windows to the outdoors, too.You may be able to open your window but not the door, but it’s not the same.“If you […] →Read more

How to protect your outdoor patio shutter

With winter approaching, the first thing you might want to do when looking for a safe outdoor patio cover is to get one made.The answer can vary depending on the manufacturer, and depending on how much time you have to spare.But you can’t go wrong with the basics, including a white and white nylon cover.If […] →Read more

‘I was in the dark’: ‘I thought the curtains were closing’

On Sunday, Hurricane Florence was expected to pass by the UK in a matter of hours.But on Sunday evening, a group of workers at a warehouse in London were shutters pulled and the curtains closed as a result of the storm. →Read more

How to fix a metal shuttered closet

It’s a familiar story: a family finds a closet that has been metal shut.The solution?A metal shutter.But what is it, and what is the proper way to do it?This article will show you how to fix your metal shuttering.What is a metal closet?Metal shutters are designed to catch the air that gets sucked out of […] →Read more