Why are hurricane window shuters still in use?

A common reason for storm shutters being still in the market is due to the fact that some homeowners still use them to prevent wind damage from the storm.However, some are still operating due to concerns over the potential for them to become vulnerable to the elements.A recent report found that a recent surge in […] →Read more

Antique shuttered buildings and homes will stay up until December as Irma winds weaken

SHADOW-BELTED CLAYTON, Alabama – A few hundred homes and businesses in this quiet rural town remain closed after a storm shuttered the roads, shutters and windows in a community devastated by Hurricane Irma.Antique and modern shutters will remain up until Christmas, said local resident Barbara McElroy.The town of about 2,200 is still recovering from the […] →Read more

When Louvered Shutters Were New, They Were New Again

I was on the couch with a friend, watching a recent episode of Louie and he was talking about the time he went to the movies with his girlfriend, and when he saw her, he said, “I feel like I’m in a different time.”I had to go to the library to get that out.There was […] →Read more

How to close a Woods Point rolling shutter

Woods Points Rolling Shutters – A simple solution for a challenging closure of a wood plantation.If you are not sure what to do, here is an article that will help you.1.Remove the fence.2.Open the gate and make sure you have all of the keys.3.Open all the gates, including the gates closest to the road.4.Check to […] →Read more

Shuttered store at corner of University Avenue and King Street in Vancouver shuts down for two weeks, says owner

Vancouver, B.C. — Menards shuttered its store at King and University Avenue this week after two weeks of operation, saying it would no longer be able to pay its rent and that it would need to make cuts to staff.Menards, the country’s largest retailer, said it had not received any formal notice of the closure […] →Read more

How Florida shuttered its own home during hurricane – Sunland

The Florida Keys, a major storm-ravaged coastal resort, shut down its home during Hurricane Irma and a hurricane shut down parts of the island on Tuesday.The first signs of the end came when some residents began to lose power, leaving many stranded at their homes.But many others were left to make their own plans, including […] →Read more

How to get around the storm shuttered windows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s raining in the Disney resort. It’s a little late for dinner. And you know how it goes: you’re in the kitchen. You’re waiting for the pizza to come. The lights go out, and you’re stuck. So you turn to your phone and tap a few buttons, but then nothing happens.You tap your phone again, and it just goes back […] →Read more

“Amazon shutters” – how vinyl shutters can help you avoid the ‘dead’ effect

According to a study by the research group the Israel Museum, a number of people have reported the experience of feeling “dead” when using a vinyl shuttering system, and even death itself.According to the researchers, this phenomenon is called “vinyl closed syndrome”, and is related to the fact that when you open a vinyl cover, […] →Read more

Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s city is now completely out of gas

HOUSTON — Hurricane Harvey left Houston without electricity, water or gas.But that doesn’t mean Houston is out of the woods yet.The city is still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.It’s still in the middle of a mandatory evacuation order for residents living in areas along Interstate 10 that was imposed after the storm.And the […] →Read more

Why do French shutters look like they’re hanging from a tree

A new French fashion house is offering a pair of futuristic shutters that look like their French counterparts are hung from the side of a tree.The elegant “French shutters” are meant to make it easier to close the bathroom window.The faux wood accents are designed to look like the shutters on the door of the […] →Read more