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  • The first step towards a climate deal with India

    A new draft of India’s climate agreement with China is in the works and will be submitted to the UN for ratification.The draft of the draft, obtained by The Hindu, says India will “negotiate for an interim agreement on measures to mitigate climate change”.The draft says India is committed to “making India a global leader […]

  • When you see the blinds…

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a blind that has been completely shut out.I was at a house party with friends, and I was walking down the hallway when I saw something, and all of a sudden, a guy came out of the closet and came up to me and said, ‘Hey, I’m the […]

  • Why do you have rustic window shutterters in your house?

    I live in the rural areas of Texas, and I’ve seen these kinds of things.The older, old rustic windows seem to be coming down more and more, but the newer ones, they’re actually being replaced with something that’s very modern, and it’s a window shutter.And they’re a lot of money to buy, so I don’t […]

  • How to make your own black window shutter

    The idea behind a black window shutter is to hide a door from view while letting light through.But you can also make your shutter work for your home and business, and with this DIY window shutter, you can make it work for almost any room you want.Step 1: Create your shutter.

  • How much does a shaker stop a tornado?

    Posted February 05, 2019 04:20:14 We have the best weather in America and our shakers are working hard to keep us safe.So far, they’re doing well.But some are struggling to keep their hands warm in winter.And some have been injured.A tornado in West Virginia this month forced the evacuation of many homes.NPR’s Mark Whitaker talks […]

  • How to make rustic wood shutters in Rustic Window Shutters

    Rustic window shutter shutters are an essential tool for most homes in the Rustic, a small region in western Canada, but they’re not cheap.To get the best value, you should buy an old, unused or used pair of shutters.The cost of a rustic shutter is generally higher than that of a conventional window. Here’s how to […]

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